CISSP practice exams by shon harris second edition

billyr2009billyr2009 Member Posts: 120
Did anyone use the CISSP Practice exams 2nd edition by SHon Harris . On some domains I am getting about 73% and others I am scoring 55-60%. To make matters worse my exam is scheduled for this coming Friday so I need to decide whether to take the exam or bite $50 fee and reschedule it. My company will pay for the certification if I pass but not if I fail. Has anyone had extra trouble with these questions or is it just me? I have been using cccure also (scoring from 80%) and shon Harris total tester software scoring near 75% - on average.


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    TheProfezzorTheProfezzor Member Posts: 204 ■■■□□□□□□□
    It's good for practice but, don't bank on it. Even if you score 90% on it, it doesn't mean you will pass the exam. Train your mind into thinking with different scenarios. The more practice tests you use, the more benefit you will get.
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