Server Wiring Hell

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My apologies if this has been posted before.

Server Room Cabling Hell: 15 of the Worst Server Wiring Jobs Ever!
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    Lol, wow.. I've seen some bad cabling but those pics are absolutely terrifying! I couldn't imagine coming onto a job and walking into a room like that.
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    This is no laughing matter. You could get eaten icon_twisted.gif


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    Let me guess, he is on the phone with Dell tech support? "have you turned it off, and turned it back on?" lol
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    Looks like the school I work in. The lady before me was not an IT person at all, she just kinda skated by. Luckily the network isn't very big, and school is out during summer so I'll have time to fix it (hopefully).

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    I could deal with all but the last one...that looks like a sick joke.
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    A couple of these photos are more organized than places I have worked. icon_lol.gif

    There is always so much disorganization. I wish it did not have to be this way but alas, it is.
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    "Some installers underbid and come away with the job, but they simply did not care what kind of mess they were leaving for someone else to take care of in the future."

    This is the work you get when you go with the lowest bidder.
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    Just realised the CCNP Portable command guide shows a guy standing writing something in a pad behind him is a messy server cab lol any one else seen official cisco books with the same mess?
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