Packet tracer Lab, Ping test with high latency results

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Hi everyone, I'm new here, I hope I'm not asking a silly question, and I hope you could give me some ideas in how to improve efficiency on this lab I'm working on.

I have 6 routers interconnected (6 branches), each router is connected to a switch, each branch has 3 VLANS, and I also have DHCP server connected to each branch to provide the IP addresses, I'm using OSPF for Routing protocol, and I decided to modify the network by using frame-relay to connect 3 of those offices, the other ones are connected through serial links.

So I have connectivity between all the branches, however when I ping from a PC from in one office to another one, there is a huge latency, sometimes higher than 1000 ms

Before implementing frame-Relay, I had them all connected through serial links, and I was able to fix that latency issue by adding the below lines to the interfaces connected from switch to router:
speed auto
duplex auto

But then, when I decided to modify the network by using Frame-Relay to interconnect 3 of the routers, this latency problem came back... Any ideas??

Thanks, for your help!


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