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Hi all, I'm currently in the process of getting my foot in the door of IT and have just attained the A+. I've already got the Network+ and Security+ booked within the remainder of this month.

My question is after I get the 'holy trio' what next? I realize I'm going to have to pay my dues on 1st line support for a while but after that I hope to get into the server/security side of computing.

So MCSA or CCNA? Which would you go for first in my position and why?


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    RouteMyPacketRouteMyPacket Member Posts: 1,104
    "I hope to get into the server/security side of computing"

    Microsoft Certifications is what you are looking for.
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    CJWelch89CJWelch89 Member Posts: 49 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks but what makes you say that? I understand Cisco are the main players in the world when it comes to switches, routers.. servers?

    Eventually I'd like to attain both the MCSA: Server 2012 & CCNA, I'm just confused which would make more sense to study for first.
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    QordQord Member Posts: 632 ■■■■□□□□□□
    If you want servers, then you'd want Microsoft or Linux. Cisco is networking gear, including network security.

    BUT....it's not a bad thing to know a little bit about a lot.
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    MSSoftieMSSoftie Member Posts: 190 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I would say MCSA because the immediate usefulness of the certs in the market as compared to CCNA. I am not saying that the CCNA isn't worthwhile because I think it is extremely valuable even if you don't spend a lot of time directly on routers and switches. I just see more jobs out there that are applicable to the Microsoft certs than to CCNA. Normally, folks in the running for CCNA jobs already have a decent amount of IT background (at least a year or so). YMMV
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    CJWelch89 wrote: »
    I understand Cisco are the main players in the world when it comes to switches, routers.. servers?

    In the last few years, Cisco has started making servers, but when people are server admins, they spend more time working at the OS level (MS Windows, Linux, etc) then they do at the hardware level (Dell, HP, Cisco UCS, etc). Server hardware experience can be important but you need the basic OS skills first.

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    Dakinggamer87Dakinggamer87 Member Posts: 4,016 ■■■■■■■■□□
    It's all dependent on what your career path is but having both will make you well-rounded which is what I did. I did the MCSA first then the CCNA afterwards after I had more experience. I wanted to be balanced in both servers/networking. :)
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    BryzeyBryzey Member Posts: 260
    I say work on a cert that will be useful for your first job. It's hard to make a decision on the exact area you want to work in before ever touching a server or switch.

    When starting out as tech support or another first job you will be able to better make a decision on the route you want to go.
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    xenodamusxenodamus Member Posts: 758
    Unless you're working in a NOC, you'll probably get more immediate use out of the MCSA. Both are valuable, but in first level support you just won't get your hand on routers or switches in most cases (again, unless you're in a NOC). You will, however, be on Windows boxes every day.
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    Params7Params7 Member Posts: 254
    At first level support, I see a lot of demand for MCSA for sure. In fact even with a CCENT most of the interviews I got included MS Server interaction more than Cisco products. I would look at what position I have or want to secure first and then go from there.
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    CJWelch89CJWelch89 Member Posts: 49 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks guys you've all been a real help. I'll definitely be going down the MCSA route to start. CCNA can wait for now.
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