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I'm about 9 days out from my 801 exam and I'm getting practice exam scores of about high to mid 80's. Have y'all found the practice exams to be harder or easier than the actual exam? Or pretty close to the same? This guys a little nervous.


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    The Exam Cram practice tests were very good and I'd say comparable to the real thing.

    But of course after a while you're going to be memorizing the practice tests and "bottom out" on learning anything new.

    The format of the actual test with sims, were fun to me, though they may throw some people off.

    I felt that I didn't do well for most of the test, but that was because I was expecting the practice questions (so don't do that). Obviously the practice questions aren't going to be the same exact questions on the test but the questions will be variations of some of the practice questions.

    Lastly it depends what kind of practice test it is. Some practice tests are very bad, out of date and poorly written. Others are very, very simple. Again I thought the Exam Cram practice tests were just right.
  • Gradywhite22Gradywhite22 Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the reply. I've done the mike Myers practice and the comptia study guide practice. Both about 85% but I'm afraid it's from memorizing. I've learned lot the month I've been studying, hope it's enough!
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    While doing my practice tests, I would make sure I actually knew the knowledge rather than just memorizing the questions/answers by explaining to myself why each answer was wrong or right. It might seem dumb, but give yourself a brief lecture on each. You can't BS yourself, so you'll know if you really know it or not. Make sure you explain the wrong answers as well, without the context, you should still be able to explain what it is.

    Hope that helps!
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