Passed CISSP today

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I passed the CISSP today, first time!

I've been lurking here for the last 5 months and have appreciated all the study info/advice so I thought I'd share what I did. Last November my company offered a Global Knowledge class that was OK - basically just Powerpoint slides. They did hand out the AIO as a reference book. Tried to read it, but it was way too wordy for me.

I switched to the Conrad and read it once, then read the Sybex book. Switched back to the Conrad and took a notebook of handwritten notes for that read through...then I read it again and took handwritten flashcards. It was faster with each read. I did read the BCP/Crypto chapters in the AIO and thought they were very good. I made up silly little mnemonics for things like algorithms, fire classes, etc., and borrowed one from beads-thanks!

Used the paid version of cccure, but got irritated with all the Orange book questions so I stopped. I also used the McGraw-Hill free questions, as well as the free ones on the Conrad site. I never took more than 100 question tests at a time.

The last week I reviewed my notebook(s) of handwritten notes and flashcards and read the 11th Hour. I quickly looked over the Sunflower PDF once.

After the test, the guy at the front desk (who was a real joker!) asked me how I thought I did....I honestly had no idea. He proceeded to gave me a folded up piece of paper and said I'd better take a look. Opened it, read it three times, and yelped "holy crap, I passed!". He said they hear that a lot when people pass the CISSP...


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