Passed CISSP today

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I passed the CISSP today, first time!

I've been lurking here for the last 5 months and have appreciated all the study info/advice so I thought I'd share what I did. Last November my company offered a Global Knowledge class that was OK - basically just Powerpoint slides. They did hand out the AIO as a reference book. Tried to read it, but it was way too wordy for me.

I switched to the Conrad and read it once, then read the Sybex book. Switched back to the Conrad and took a notebook of handwritten notes for that read through...then I read it again and took handwritten flashcards. It was faster with each read. I did read the BCP/Crypto chapters in the AIO and thought they were very good. I made up silly little mnemonics for things like algorithms, fire classes, etc., and borrowed one from beads-thanks!

Used the paid version of cccure, but got irritated with all the Orange book questions so I stopped. I also used the McGraw-Hill free questions, as well as the free ones on the Conrad site. I never took more than 100 question tests at a time.

The last week I reviewed my notebook(s) of handwritten notes and flashcards and read the 11th Hour. I quickly looked over the Sunflower PDF once.

After the test, the guy at the front desk (who was a real joker!) asked me how I thought I did....I honestly had no idea. He proceeded to gave me a folded up piece of paper and said I'd better take a look. Opened it, read it three times, and yelped "holy crap, I passed!". He said they hear that a lot when people pass the CISSP...


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    Congratulations! I bet it feels wonderful!
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    Congrats, sounds like you used all the recommended study materials, put in the time and passed. Luckily you didn't run into the changed version of the exam like one of the other recent posters, we are awaiting details of his planned demand for a refund.. lol
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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats!!! icon_cheers.gif

    Its still weird to hear the phrase "Passed CISSP today"
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    Congratulations!! What next ?
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    I'm guessing the front desk dude wouldn't have asked you that question if your results had been otherwise. icon_lol.gif
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    Now enjoy throwing away the flash cards. I know I did.
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    Amurray22 wrote: »

    Now enjoy throwing away the flash cards. I know I did.

    Get more satisfaction out of burning them.
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