What happened to the dates for the R2 exams for 70-413 and 414

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I just passed the 413 (pat myself on the back) and I was looking for the date the R2 information was being added to the 414 exam. I noticed that the information is no longer on the site for these exams. The 410, 411, and 412 still say R2 updates effective January 2014. I am sure a similar line was there for the others with an April date. Any ideas? Has there been an announcement that I missed? Or am I just imagining things.

What was the April date? I think I will try to schedule for then (running out of time) just in case.


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    so we have a date but no updated exam objectives. That's nice
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    That is part of what makes me wonder. The updated objectives where there a couple of weeks ago but I don't see them posted either any more. I think Asif's link is valid for at least the old date if not the current so I will use it for my planning. I will also try contacting others as well to see what they say. I will let you all know if I hear differently.
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    Had a chat with the Microsoft Support (North America) a few minutes ago. They can confirm that exam 70-413 was updated with Windows Server 2012 R2 content.
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    I emailed Erika at MS who was the one that said the test was going to be upgraded on the 7th here MCSA: Windows 8 and MCSA: Windows Server 2012 exams to be updated January 28, 2014 - Born to Learn - Born To Learn - Born to Learn and she confirmed the tests were upgraded early and was trying to figure out why.
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    I took the 414 (and failed!) on Saturday 5th and that had been updated and there was a guy there that had taken the 413 on Friday the 4th and that had been updated as well.
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    70-413 has been updated, I took it today and came close, but failed. A fair amount of new material not covered in the previous 70-413 courses and books. Holding off trying again myself until there is an updated training book or course out there.
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    Erika at Microsoft provided me documents that shows the updated content, she said they should be up on the MS site at some point. She said I was allowed to share them and have published them on my blog.
    Geek Babble | Microsoft 70-413 and 70-414 exam updates for R2
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    Thanks for posting the updated exam objectives.

    to all the people who have sit these exams in the past week or so and have got R2 questions, what country are you in? The USA? I have been checking the MS website to see if the new objectives would be there and noticed something interesting. I am based in Australia and was constantly looking at this page:

    Exam 70-413: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure

    And still the same objectives...

    but when i changed the en-au to en-us (Exam 70-413: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure) the exam objectives are updated with the R2 stuff.

    So the question is, have the exams only been updated for certain countries? I hope so. I take the exam tomorrow. Or is it just a lazy admin hasn't updated the exam objective pages properly or just something else weird?
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    I really can't say - I took the 70-414 last Friday and I didn't recognize any questions as "R2" questions. I am in the US and took the test at a Prometric Testing center. Your mileage may vary as they say. (I guess they don't say that in Australia since you are on the metric system) ;)
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    well i sat this the other day and failed. I have failed this exam twice now; once before the r2 update and now with r2 questions. My score went backwards which annoys me because i sorted out what i got wrong first time round then second time round stuffed up other things plus the r2 stuff.

    The exam has a new interface. Its all white now. I knew i was in trouble when everything started to look a bit different. Then came the R2 questions.

    My score report didn't have any graph on their which was annoying. Have contacted MS to find out. Apparently a few other people have had this problem since they have started the new score report format.

    How big is the screen when you guys normally sit an exam? I am pretty sure the screen i was sitting the exam was a 17" and one of the questions didn't fit on the page. The answers were literally cut off! No amount of scrolling would fix it.

    I honestly don't know if i want to sit this again. Hopefully MS extends the second shot offer a bit longer but i doubt it.
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    alokin123 wrote: »

    to all the people who have sit these exams in the past week or so and have got R2 questions, what country are you in?

    I'm in the UK and ours we're updated from the 4th April, I failed the 414 on the 5th
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