My Net+ exam in April 24th!!!

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Hello tech exam peeps,

I am currently studying for my Net+ exam and i scheduled my exam on April 24th 2014. I really wanted to pass the exam on first try, so if i fail does it mean that i may not be for networking? or should i keep on reviewing more stuff about Network +?

Thank you,


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    IS3 hope I really can help ...I am studying for my NET+ as well ..but i didnt schedule for a test yet ...but HEY u have time ,,,alot of time ,,I believe you can ,,Good luck
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    IS3, NET+ is full of nothing but fundamental info bout networking world...mostly definations & functions...nothing hands on or practical.....i know a lot of network techs who never took the test & never neded it either...some ppl jump straight to ccna without's too much info to remember unless u have some prev experience.....failing net+ never implies that networking is over for u......u can put that in ur resume if u pass & that's all it's good for.....message me & i'll give u some helpful tips that will ensure ur pass....
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    As long as you put the time in to study, and study properly, you shouldn't have a hard time passing. I plan on studying and taking the net+ exam after the spring semester is over. Good luck! I'll be using Mike Meyer's AIO book to study.
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