Taking my OS tomorrow 11/21

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Am taking my OS tommorrow by 10.00am,I had thought am prepared but am not doing consistently above 80s in some online practise exams,am kind of nervous and only hope for the best.
I took and passed the hardware on 9/22 and hope for the best tommorrow,but if in any event the opposite is the case,do I loose the hardware that I have passed and will begin all over again or .....?
Anylast minute tip wil be appreciated .....get back to you all after the exam not matter what..thank you.
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    GL, but if you do fail it wont effect your hardware test.
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    GOOD LUCK.......
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    You can do it!

    I took mine back to back. I don't remember what my scores were, but they were mediocre. LOTS of info.

    The OS stuff really wasn't all that bad, but remembering the differences in how to do things in win98 vs 2k/xp can be tricky, especially since we're into a 'generation' of people now that have never used anything prior to xp.

    Just study, relax, and you'll be fine.
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    I just passed my OS exams with a modest mark of 619, I wsih I had made more than that,but thank God its over,I have never been this nervous about any exam. for anyone taking the exam I suggets studying not just for the exam but try to have a good grasp of how the many OSs works as the exam is more of a subtle quiz of the differences between the different OSs.

    I want to thank everybody here for the optimism that is evident in every posts here.This site has been a big resource to me.Lets keep it up!

    Now am moving to N+, I have a sybex study guide by David Broth and a video series from career academy,does anyone have another suggetsion of any study guides/CBT...

    To full prepare for the N+ I want to have most OS installed,I have an XP Home and I can see that these test are based on XP pro,I want to add a hardrive and install 98,NT,2000 and XP Pro if possible mess with Linux, is it possible to do this in the same system or do I need to build another system.

    Does anyone know where to get these OS for a good deal..am thinking of Ebay..any ideas.
    All things work together for good........to them that believe..
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