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I would like to ask someone who is experienced in network design, the subject that a network design document should contain. In other words I would like to know the minimum content of network design document.


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    Depends. What is the document for? Who is the audience?
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    Topology, cabling(from which port of which device to which device/port), users created, service explanation, config files.

    I'll try to share one later.
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    I agree that it depends on the audience. I'd say physical and logical layout is the bare minimum. You should also include the IP addresses which will be used, and where summarization will happen. Having a seperate doc for data flow is useful, especially if you are dealing with security zones (i.e. firewalls). The more technical the audience, the more details you should have in place. Business folks will typically want the "big picture" and will get lost if you go too deep in the jargon.
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    A few samples on Micro$oft if you have Visio.

    Search results for visio - Templates
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    Completely agree, depends on the audience.

    If the Design Doc for technical staff then it requires some detail, which can include a physical rack layout, a physical cabling layout, an outline of the L2 topology, and outline of L3 topology, etc.

    If the design doc is for Management/C-Level then you will need keep high-level, leaving out a lot of finer details. Pretty outlining BU's and failover/redundancy traffic flows so they get the warm and fuzzy feeling that their network redundant & resilient.
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