Amazons best A+ books??

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Im looking to buy the best book, to study for my A+. Im looking on Amazon, here are some of the best ones ive found. Any one know of any of these, or reccomend any.
1)A+ Adaptive Exams
Christopher A. Crayton
2)Mike Meyers all in one
3)A+ exam cram, third edition
4)A+ Certification Bible
Ed Tetz
5)A+ certification for Dummies
I need something that really focuses on what will come up in A+ exam, rather than one that will just give me good techicnal knowledge. It needs to get me through the adaptive exam. Im 75% there anyway, just need some extra resources. Anyone got some reviews on these??

Woops sorry looks like Im taking over this forum! sorry its new to me this site, and its very helpful, so thanks guys!!! :D


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    Woops sorry looks like I'm taking over this forum! sorry its new to me this site, and its very helpful, so thanks guys!!!

    That's ok Dan, ask all you want. icon_wink.gif

    Judging from what I hear and read you should go with the Mike Meyers book. It definitely seems to be the most popular.

    For's reviews on A+ books

    I've got the Microsoft A+ Training Kit, which is simply not complete... some objectives for the Core exam are missing. icon_mad.gif

    icon_idea.gif Always be sure to check the errata on the publisher's website.
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    i used exam cram 2nd edition and thought it was a good book, but i still felt i needed more.

    i am using meyers passport for my network+, and he is very easy to understand. a lot of people say his a+ all-in-one is a good book and i believe them. of the books you listed, it is the one i would buy.
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    I used the Mike Meyers A+ All In One and Net+ All in One and found his style easy to read and the content very inofmative.
    The A+ from Syngress I found to have a very difficult to understand layout and was directed to passing the exam and not teaching tht fundamentals.
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    Cheers guys,
    Im down to 2 books now, the Meyers one and the A+ dummies. The fact that im almost there and just need some easy and quick extra references to read, perhaps the dummies one is more suited. However I need one that focuses only on getting you through the exam rather than just giving you technical knowledge.
    I know the Examcram third edtion book, which I have isnt helpful, it has way too much information, half of it wont come up in the exam. So you all reccomend the Meyers book, anyone know about the A+ for dummies??
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    Not sure if the dummies book has been updated for the newer objectives (from when I took it). However, when I did A+ back in Feb. 2000 I used the combination of the Mike Meyers All in One book and the Dummies book. Liked them both. Dummies focuses in on specific tips which I really enjoyed.

    I've used just about every publisher's version of books for A+, Net+, i-Net+ and the MCSE track, so I feel I've been pretty exposed to the various authors' styles. I never test without going through at least two books first icon_confused.gif
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    meyers has another book called a+ passport. it is considerably cut down in size from the all-in-one, and is seen by many as more of a revision book than a study guide.
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