ANY sugguestions - Will be taking Net+ in about 3 weeks

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Can anyone help me with any info that will help me pass the Net+ first time around?


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    Just keep hammering practice tests until you're consistently getting 90%+ first time round. There's plenty of practice exams on the net.
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    If your hitting around 85-90% on practice exams you shoild be ready to go!! :)
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    I was told know all the common ports.
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    DonM34 wrote: »
    I was told know all the common ports.

    know your ports, that helped me. Also if you got time get the Exam Cram series book, the tear out sheeting is awesome for distilled facts. Also work on as much of the command prompt commands as you can and know what each variant of say netstat -a and -r can do. Know your ping commands like ping -t, etc. Also learn how to add routes manually.

    Remember: you can empty your mind onto a blank dry eraser board in the beginning of the exam.
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    I'm in the same boat-- taking my exam by the end of May 2014! Studying VCE files like crazy, along with Exam Cram and some kind of Unlocked file our instructor gave us...these things are in my tablet, which is under the weather right now and needs a major repair job!! What is desperately needed is SIMULATIONS (online and preferably FREE!) Anybody know where I can find those?? I really need some hands-on practice I am not receiving very much of in my class (but was promised over and over MONTHS ago!)
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