A couple quick questions before Net+ exam

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So, here's my quick story:

I have worked in sales for the last 20 years and finally decided I wanted to change careers, so I went back to school to pursue my favorite hobby - computers. I have zero hands-on networking experience other than my own doodling on my various computers for the last 30 years. After my second networking course, I felt that I was ready to take the Net+ exam.

I have taken about every free practice test I could and was consistently getting 80-90% on them. Then I ran across one on practicequiz.com and it had a ton of specific questions about commands to give routers and switches to perform various functions such as:

Q: Which of the following Frame-Relay encapsulation commands should be used to connect a Cisco router to a non-Cisco router?
A: R1 (config-if)# Encapsulation frame-relay ietf

I have zero knowledge of these kinds of commands - are they common on the Net+ exam? If so, can you recommend a place to try to learn them quickly?

Thanks in advance.


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    Others might say otherwise since it has been some years since I took Network+ but I don't remember having to memorize particular Cisco commands such as that during my Net+ studies years ago
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    To be honest you might see that type of question on the CCNA exam not the network+, The book you are studying is a bit outside of the scoop of the objective outline.
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