Don't give up/it's never to late to start again

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My journey so far,

I am putting this in the CCNA sections because the story ends with Cisco. Just a little back ground. It all started about 8 years or so ago. For some reason I decided I was tired of customer service jobs (being on the phones assisting customers) and wanted to get into IT (as Server and Network admin). I went to New Horizons and took all the classes (MCSA and CCNA) I was pretty cocky and failed a few of the MCSA cert tests. But after more studying I got my MCSA. I hadn't taken any of the cisco certs yet but planned on taking them after getting some real world experience. Because of my customer services background I was able to get help desk jobs after 4 years of being on the phone's (at different companies) I got a NOC job, now this isn't your normal NOC. All I do is monitor the network escalate any issues, walk around the data center (to make sure temps are good and nothing is on fire). But hey i didn't have to be on the phones anymore so it was a win.

But I wanted more, so about 4 months ago I decided I'm getting my CCNA then CCNP. I read for 2 months then scheduled my exam. Not feeling as ready as I would have liked I took the 100-101, and well failed. Thought to myself "you weren't ready but you will be next time", 2 weeks later failed again! Now I feel crappy. I thought " maybe I'm not meant get my CCNA". Feeling down I took a week break let my brain reset, and to get back in the right head space. Studied for 2 more weeks and went in for the third time. This time I crushed it and passed with a 947! I had to make sure I had the correct printout, yep that's my face and name. I'm sure I had a look like "Is this really mine? Or am I getting punked?" Since a camera crew didn't jump out I did pass. I couldn't be happier, smiling all the way to my car, to lunch, then home. Guess third time was a charm! (and not a charm I want to pay for again).

The whole point is if you fail, brush yourself off, and keep trying. If you really want something than work for it. If you don't understand something keep reading. Try different site or just post your question. I come read the forum 1-2 a day just to see what issues people are having and test myself to see if I can figure it out. I don't post a lot but I think it is time for a change. Thanks to everyone that posts answers (even if someone is asking you to do their homework icon_wink.gif) I like seeing posts with responses trying to give them a push in the right direction.

Keep up the good work!


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    Thanks for the story. I think people get discouraged when things don't come easy and tend to shy away from Cert exams after a fail or two. It is important to take some time and get it right.

    Good Luck on your CCNA/CCNP journey.
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    Thats an inspiring attitude you have. I'll be starting my CCNA studies soon.

    Grats on the NOC position as well, maybe one day I'll get there...icon_wink.gif
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    Congrats on passing. Yep, it's never too late...It took me 9 years to get the Bachelor degree, so keep it up my friend....
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