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Good Morning all,

From following the threads on this forum a lot of people who are studying/achieved there CCNP have recommended studying from multiple sources. However my question is in the Route OCG there are some topics that are not covered but are in the Route Simplified.

So is the contet not covered in the OCG relevant or is it just overkill on information?
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  • SecurityThroughObscuritySecurityThroughObscurity Member Posts: 212 ■■■□□□□□□□
    What topics exactly?
  • bharvey92bharvey92 Member Posts: 419
    I'm sure stuff like BGP load sharing and Route reflectors were not mentioned in the OCG but are in Simplified.
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    I used both of the guides and felt each book covered topics the other book left out. I would like to think the Cisco book would be more on par with possible exam topics. Both seemed to follow the topic blueprint as outlined on the cisco site.
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    The simplified book goes beyond NP Route topics that are blue printed. I like it for that reason too because it actually covers some topics I use day-to-day at work and really helped me become more skilled with troubleshooting those types of scenarios.
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    The blueprint specifically mentions eBGP, and only this unofficial textbook covers certain advanced iBGP features (technically, FLG's appendix has a few pages on route reflectors). The author of CCNP Route Simplified, Farai Tafa, is a service provider guy and the CCNP:RS is more focused on the enterprise. Hopefully that gives you some perspective.
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