Cisco Meraki Experience?

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I currently work as a junior network engineer in a small network consultancy company that helps and supports all the different aspects of networking (r&s, wireless, firewalls, ipt etc.) for a wide range of big and small companies in my country. I currently hold no certifications, but has the experience of a CCNA + a little CCNP knowledge considering i work around CCNP's, and CCIE's every day.

ive been asked whether i would like to look into cisco meraki, at one point im thinking it could be a great opportunity, i mean its not like theres gonna be less virtualization in the networking industry in the future, so it might be a good shot. However i have no idea what it will require of me, and how hard it is to get your hans into the dirt with this product.

I'm really just looking to see if anybody has experience with this product that they would like to share..


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    You can sign up for an admin account for free and start looking at the GUI interface. Very simple configs. Not a lot of nerd knobs. I use them for the AP they offer and they work great.
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    We use the wireless Access points in a nearly all of our sites across the US. Very easy to learn, install, configure and manage. They seem to be updating features frequently, so sometimes things change a bit from the way they initially implemented it. No real complaints though.

    For what you do, this might be a very ideal way to manage other companies wireless access points(or networking), as using the meraki dashboard you can do things like implement different networks to manage, add a map of the organization to identify placement of the AP, even take a picture of the AP mount using the Meraki App, which you can then see in the web interface as well.

    You need to be aware that there will need to be firewall access out to the cloud controller.

    I haven't used their networking offerings so unfortunately can't be much help there.

    I think there was a thread floating around somewhere that has a free AP or something if you sign up, try searching for meraki on here and see what you find.
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