Any overlap of 802 into 801?

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I'm currently focusing on 801 with a mediocre knowledge on 802(saving it for later). My question to all the a+ certified out there, is is there any thing on 802 I should be familiar with before taking 801? For instance when it gets to MAC addresses my book talks about using the ipconfig command. Will I have to troubleshoot and know the commands?


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    I'm currently studying for the 801 part of the exam, and I'm going my the objectives from the CompTIA website and it doesn't state that you need to know the different commands. Here is what I have gathered:

    PC Hardware is 40%
    Networking is 27%
    Laptops is 11%
    Printers is 11%
    Operational Procedures is 11%

    Good luck, I'm taking the 801 exam in 2 weeks. I always study too much just like I did in college, and never feel good about it until after the exam and know that I have passed with a good grade.
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