Trouble sharing files into nested lab on VM Workstation 10, Windows 8.1 host OS

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So I got my servers set up, but now I'm trying to get the vCenter iso onto the server, and am unable to find any sort of solution on how to do this. I did find one way I believe, in burning the iso to a dvd and transferring it via the cd/dvd drive, but it was wondering if Windows 8.1 is just literally incompatible for sharing?

I saw on VMware's website VMware Workstation 10 Documentation Center that only up to Windows Server 2003 is supported for file sharing on the Guest OS, and VMware tools doesn't seem to recognize the drag and drop feature for the OS either.

Wondering if anyone else ran into this issue, and how they got around it, all responses appreciated - Thanks!


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    Why don't you just attach the iso to the virtual cd rom drive of the vCenter VM ?
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    I have not yet found a way to get the Guest OS (Windows server 2008 Datacenter) to recognize the host OS (Windows 8.1) at all, and from browsing around the internet it seems like noone has solved this issue, at least that I have found. When I go to mount an ISO it only gives me the local server directory and won't recognize another path to the host, sharing folders is not an option in the VM settings, though I can ping the gateway of the local host from all VM's.

    However it does recognize the DVD drive on my local computer, oddly enough, but will not recognize anything else that I have been able to locate.
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    how about the other way around. share a folder inside the Server VM, copy the iso /download from VMware, then install the virtual clone drive in the VM to mount the ISO file.
    SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive that should get your the vCenter up and running
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    Unfortunately VMware is only handing out trials to vSphere 5.5 now that it's released, but I was able to obtain a copy of 5.1 from a field engineer that has install images of everything network related for his job.

    Think I might just burn vCenter to a dvd and throw it in the physical drive, I am really awe struck that VMware locked down Server 2008 and Windows 8 from file sharing in Workstation 10, that really boggles my mind why that isn't compatible.

    There has to be a way though, I'll report back if I find the loop hole, if anyone else has suggestions by all means I'd appreciate hearing them!
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    I must be a bit dense. Are you saying if you go to the virtual hardware of the VM in VMware Workstation and go to CD - attach ISO, it shows the filesystem of the VM rather than your local PC?
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