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I got a call today from a recruiter from Volt Serivces Group, which is a staffing agency. They have a contract with Apple who has an office just outside of Sacramento (I know this becaue I had dealt with them about 7 years ago for another job at Apple, but didn't get it).|

This particular position is titled "Phone Technical Support."

Let me show you what the description is:
Phone Technical Support

Contract: 6-12+ months

Job Description:
Are you friendly, self-motivated, and completely focused on your customer? Are you the type to go above and beyond for a customer, exceeding their expectations?

Volt is seeking call center representatives who have experience troubleshooting computers in a call center environment.
You will be working in a fast paced, dynamic environment, analyzing customer's problems and drive to call resolution.
Diagnose and provide a path to resolving inquiries related to all aspects of the CPU, including hardware, software and networking.

You'll be responsible for:

· Troubleshooting and resolving customer computer hardware, software and connectivity problems over the phone (in a call center environment).
· Handling questions and problems that usually focus on specific product segments, including both hardware and software issues.
· Effectively positioning and selling warranty products and technical solutions.
· Reporting/escalating issues and problems through appropriate channels.

Job Requirements:
2+ years experience in a technical and customer service based environment.
Solid technical knowledge and aptitude and some hands-on experience with computers including hardware, software, Internet, Operating Systems, networking and other computer related problems.
Strong customer service skills and experience.
Strong written and verbal communication skills.
Call Center Experience as well as extensive technical support/help desk experience are strongly desired (but not required).
Something doesn’t gel. It sounds like a generic customer service position, and I don’t know how having hands-on Apple support (which I have no problem with) would really benefit me if I’m trying to get in to networking or security.

Does this sound like something I should look in to for an entry-level type position?


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    My buddy got into doing that from home, he said it's ok, but it's apple support so it's like bottom of the barrel tier I stuff. But it's IT work, so I wouldn't pass it up unless your already employed at a somewhat IT job.
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    ande0255 wrote: »
    My buddy got into doing that from home, he said it's ok, but it's apple support so it's like bottom of the barrel tier I stuff. But it's IT work, so I wouldn't pass it up unless your already employed at a somewhat IT job.
    See, that's the thing. I am trying to transition in to IT from healthcare. So, essentially I'm looking for my "first in."

    The dilemma I'm running in to is I have a very stable job, but change is coming by the end of the year here and I'd like to get out before then.

    This particular position that Volt sent me is not contract to hire, so I'd have a very difficult time justifying leaving my current position for a job with no benefits and no guarantee of employment after 6 months.
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    I started working for Cox Cable as a Tech Support rep 1 telling customers how to turn their tv's on before they blame the cable box. i worked there for 5 years ( I shouldnt have waited too long) and i applied for a local clinic as an IT Helpdesk and what they're looking for is the customer service skills since they can train me with the Electronic Health Records software they're using. So yeah if there's nothing else available i would apply for it get some experience and then switch icon_thumright.gif
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    they'll probably have you reading from a script and what not. i mean, its almost bottom of the barrel entry-level IT, but if you dont have an IT job already, or something promising lined up, then you might have to take this, and continue looking in the meantime...
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