hey guys!!! to all the tech vets out there, what are the possibilities of getting a decent job with MCSE, CCNA, SEC+ & NET+.......by decent jobs, i meant no tier1 or tier2 helpdesk positions....

If anyone from oklahoma, plz shed some lights on the current IT job market....


  • VeritiesVerities Member Posts: 1,162
    Your opportunities are only going to increase with the more higher level certs you obtain. Certs like sec+ and net+ aren't really going to help you get a job unless you're going for a DoD position.
  • IS3IS3 Member Posts: 71 ■■□□□□□□□□
    MCSE is a big deal certification. and top it off with CCNA? Damn i wish i had your certs
  • unfbilly11unfbilly11 Member Posts: 100 ■■□□□□□□□□
    In order to move past tier 1 and tier 2 help desk type jobs, you have to either A) have experience in the field or B) get really lucky. You can have all the certifications in the world but if you have nothing on your resume outside of fixing your grandparent's router when it goes down, you're going to start at help desk. If anything, I would say that getting a lot of high level certifications without job experience could hurt you when looking for a job.

    That being said, if you have 3 years or more of job experience and you understand the concepts of the MCSE and CCNA certs that you hold, you should have no problem finding a job.
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    I concur with what unfbilly11 said. Certifications won't grant you an automatic pass beyond help desk if you don't have any experience to back it up. Most jobs that are tier 3 type positions want 5-10 years of experience plus the certifications. A certification only shows that you understand the concepts and experience shows you have the practical knowledge to put the concepts into play.

    With that said, understand that a lot of higher tier IT jobs are filled from internal positions like the Help Desk so its not necessarily a bad thing to start lower if its a company you really want to work for. Plus, it doesn't matter how smart you are as it will usually take months to fully understand the intricacies of a new job (which is another reason companies often promote from within for IT jobs).
  • XyroXyro Member Posts: 623
    You will be lucky to even get help desk. This is not meant to be offensive but it's really tough out there right now.
  • omi2123omi2123 Member Posts: 189
    dell is hiring for helpdesk tire2 & 3 here in my city......i just dont like the pay.....it's around $23/hr
  • XyroXyro Member Posts: 623
    Is it too high for you?

  • omi2123omi2123 Member Posts: 189
    hahahaha.......love the circasm.......no bud, that pay is pretty good.....i own a retail business right now & money is pretty decent......i just wanna change it to IT.....u can say i'm a bit spoiled.....
  • XyroXyro Member Posts: 623
    I guess this will be your humbling experience. icon_cheers.gif
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    What kind of experience do you have? Which MCSE do you have? If it isn't at least in Server 2008, it isn't worth much. If you have no experience your certs won't matter except for the Net+ and Security+. The job market depends on where you live but without the entry level experience don't expect to jump in as an Sys Admin or an Engineer. Where I am, the market is pretty good. I don't know about where you live, check out Career Builder or one of those sites to get an idea of what is out there.
  • MSSoftieMSSoftie Member Posts: 190 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Okay - I just saw on another thread that you are in the process of getting the 70-410. If you don't have your MCSE yet, don't worry about it. Work on the certs but find something part time while you keep working at your store. Heck, you might be able to find a way to use your store for IT experience depending on your circumstance. This way you get experience while you learn and get certified. You will not learn enough from studying for a cert test to work in the real world any way. You need real world experience for that. You can work any job to get experience even volunteer if necessary but get the experience. That way when you have the MCSE or MCSA you will have the experience on a resume to back it up. Fair warning, going into an interview with a MCSE and a CCNA with no experience is a giant red flag with fireworks and warning flares to any IT manager.
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