Resume and potential security concerns

GarudaMinGarudaMin Member Posts: 204
What are your thoughts on listing name of the products you worked with for your present company or past company on your resume? Do you list on your resume products such as Microsoft Servers versions; Cisco products (switches, firewalls, etc.), type of AV or encryption products, etc...

Reason I am asking is because these can be a potential treasure trove for a bad guy by giving him/her a list of what systems are in place for the company.



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    networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    I don't put specif info on my resume outside of vendors or product lines (Cisco Nexus etc).
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    GarudaMinGarudaMin Member Posts: 204
    I also put down just vendor and product name. One could generalize it I guess, but what's the down side of it? Not getting through automated process that looks for keywords? If we put down, let's say: responsible for firewall implementation/configuration/administering/monitoring, is that too little info since we don't mention what vendor/product. Where do we draw the line? On the version number and specific?
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    5502george5502george Member Posts: 264
    Depends, if you are blanket sending resumes all over, then yes it is. If you have identified a specific job/employer that requires this knowledge you should list it.
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