What to focus on?

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hey everyone!
I've been telling myself to get certified for a while now, and so far I've made a list of like, 50 certifications I'd like to get over the next five years or so. Even though I've got a ton of stuff I'd like to learn about, I just can't make myself focus on getting even the most basic certs out of the way. My original plan was to get CompTIA A+, Net+, and Sec+ certified, and then maybe do Server+, Cloud+, and Linux+. But I also really want to get into my CCNA track. I'm completely uninterested in the CompTIA triad, even though they're pretty much essential. CCNA is a better choice over Net+ in the long run, though. But if I just skip to my CCNA, will that put me at a disadvantage when I graduate college in a year and a half and start looking for a job? It is probably worth mentioning I'd like to go into a Sys or Network Administrator position. I'm currently pursuing my degree in Information Assurance. I've taken classes for the CompTIA triad, so I have the core knowledge. I just need to round it out before sitting the tests.

Thanks for any input!


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    With the degree, probably ok to skip the entry level stuff like A+ and Net+. Still some value in the Sec+. I don't think Server+ has much value (the knowledge does, but not the actual cert).

    Do you have any experience? Are you setting up an internship? that may be more important then multiple certs for when you get out of school and want a fulltime job.

    Start with the CCENT or MS 70-410. then do the other. Windows 2012 will be a prominent server OS in 1 1/2 years and CCENT is a step above Net+ and a prereq for the CCNAs. Once you get those two out of the way, maybe you will have some better direction for where you want to go.

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    Thanks Andy!
    I am currently in a two year work/study job dealing with some basic IT tasks (I work in a few labs fixing issues and helping the school's IT staff with various things). I want to set up a job/internship with the university I am transferring to next year for help desk support to hopefully get some more real world experience under my belt and onto my resume.

    As for Server, Cloud, and Linux+, I haven't seen many positions, if any at all, that call for them. They definitely seem like good ways to gain knowledge though, which is why I haven't kicked them off my list yet.
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    I added some to my first post while you were replying.

    Server+ --> the general hardware knowledge will be helpful to a Sys Admin / server admin. Not sure there is a lot of value in spending the money to get the cert.

    Cloud+ --> this is a newer, but Cloud is a popular buzz word / concept right now.

    Linux+ --> Great for entry level linux knowledge, but the linux community doesn't seem that interested in certs. I have it, but have dropped it off of my resume because I do not work with Linux very much.

    I started at the helpdesk at my school. If you can once you get settled in, get to know the other IT staff. I spent time helping and talking to the Desktop Manager, Service Desk Manager, and Network / Telecom Engineer and it helped a lot.

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    Thanks again!
    I've made it a point so far to network with as many people as possible. A few of my classmates now have jobs in the field, so hopefully I'm settig myself up pretty nicely for when I graduate. I think I might skip Linux+ in favor for RHCSA. I'll probably study for it, just for the knowledge. Same with Server+ (I'll pick up an MCSA). I might still do Cloud+, though. I'm not aware of any other cloud-heavy certs out there. There's VCP, but that's more on the virtualization side of things.
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