RJ45 connectors

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Is it possible to wire an RJ45 connector with a 4 AWG20 shielded pair. I know that it is set for 22 gauge but would it be doable to put 20's in it. It is close in size AWG20=.518mm AWG22=.326mm If not is there a different connector that will plug into a cat5 jack that I can use 20 gauge wire with.


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    What sort of project are you trying to hack together? There are wiring standards that should be adhered to but generally with a thicker wire there will be less resistance, it will depend if you can cram the wire into the ends?? Keep in mind the standard recommends (and I'm going off memory here) is that it can be 22AWG but no more than 22 AWG for CAT5. If I remember to look again when I get home, I'll check to see if there is something specific.
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