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Passed my 802 yesterday! Wasn't entirely sure how I'd do to be honest, so I'm incredibly excited right now! Passed by 801 about 3 weeks ago so I'm now officially certified *puffs out chest*. :D
It was a great way for me to put a toe in the IT water and get a general sense of how things work and are all inter-connected.

Went into it with zero experience. Late IT bloomer - not one of those that's been programming and troubleshooting my own computer since I was 10 or anything... just starting out and wanted to get a foot in the IT door.

I'd say I relied on Prof Messer videos for 80% of the material and study, and then used the Exam Cram Practice Exam books for the other 20%. Having the extended explanations in the answer key was a HUGE help. Also you guys were too, even though I'm mostly just a lurker ;)


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