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I have just gone thru my list of the objectives which I have been using as my main study guide.

On the objective:

4.3 Identify the most popular types of motherboards, their components, and their architecture (bus structures)

Content may include the following:
Processor sockets
Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot A
Socket A
Socket 7
Socket 8
Socket 423
Socket 478
Socket 370....

I have these slots and sockets memorized inside out with their bus architectures as well as knowing their characteristics.
Its just that the technotes are giving a whole lot of other info that is not necessary to the objectives from Comptia.

Going from the objectives it seems to make my study alot easier than having to rely on old sources of information, altho these technotes have been handy.

How up to date is the technotes to the objectives, I'm getting a bit confused when studying thru different sources of information online and off.


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    I don't think you can ever have too much information. The CompTIA objectives are basically a guide to the areas you should be familar with for an exam.

    In your studies, Webmaster can comment on the age of the notes, but they are fairly current. He's recently added a new section, so the material is looked at updated as time permits.

    As you work with the hardware and OS's things become more clear and much easier to understand. Albeit, a number of years ago when there was much less PNP, a technician could exercise their knowledge a bit more. Today, it feels like its a pop it in, plug it in, turn it on.

    Many people have found the technotes here to be very helpful. I will say they are but I took my exam many years before ever finding this site ;) As well as I have a number of years of working with the technology as it grownup into what we see today.

    Along with the Technotes, there is Meyer's book. If you have some experience, and the other two tools, you should be well prepared.
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    I wrote the CPU and Sockets notes Thursday, Oct 11, 2002 (dates are always on the bottom of the printerfriendly versions), and although it needs to be updated, the information in it still applies. Although note this line below the first table:

    * You do not need to memorize the amount of pins for the exam.

    It's unlikely you'll be questioned on the older CPUs, but when I update it I won't remove any info but leave it there for 'historical' purposes.

    As Plantwiz mentioned, the objectives are merely guidelines. Very useful but not a blueprint of what will be on the exam, or what can be expected of an A+ certified individual.
    Its just that the technotes are giving a whole lot of other info that is not necessary to the objectives from Comptia.
    Anything in particular?
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