Amazon AWS Essentials Course - Wellington - April 1st

HI !

Its been a while since I have posted on the forum, the reason being that I have shifted base from India to Wellington, New Zealand to pursue a Graduate Diploma in Information Assurance and Security.

I have one of the Teachers put me up on a career plan in which I have been given the opportunity to build certain extra skills which are going to help me become more employable at the end of my course when compare to my counterparts in the course.

Having said that I have enrolled in the 3 AWS Courses once after the other in the span of 7 Months.

I will be posting a review of this class.

Any suggestions or tips to be able to prepare for the class or learn more other than the course are welcome !

Any questions are also welcome !

Course price is 750$+GST for those who want to know how much it is.

The first class is the AWS Essentials Course which is a 1 Day course with the following contents

The AWS Essentials Instructor-Led Training course introduces AWS products, services, and common solutions with videos, demos, and hands-on lab activities. It provides learners with the basic fundamentals to become more proficient in AWS and empowers them to make informed decisions about IT solutions based on business requirements.

Delivery Method
This course will be delivered through a mix of:
  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
  • Hands-on Labs
Hands-On Activity
This course includes activities that will allow you to test new skills and apply knowledge through self-paced lab exercises.
1 Day
Course Outline
Session 1: Introduction to AWS
  • Navigate the AWS Management Console
  • Recognize AWS Global Infrastructure
  • Describe the security measures AWS provides
Session 2: AWS Storage
  • Identify key AWS storage options
  • Describe Amazon EBS
  • Create an Amazon S3 bucket and manage associated objects
Session 3: Compute Services & Networking
  • Identify the different AWS compute and networking options
  • Describe an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Create an Amazon EC2 instance
  • Use Amazon EBS with Amazon EC2
Session 4: Managed Services & Database
  • Describe Amazon DynamoDB
  • Understand key aspects of Amazon RDS
  • Launch an Amazon RDS instance
Session 5: Deployment and Management
  • Identify what is CloudFormation
  • Describe Amazon CloudWatch metrics and alarms
  • Describe Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Work In Progress - RHCA [ ] Certified Cloud Security Professional [ ] GMON/GWAPT if Work Study is accepted [ ]


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