VCP-IAAS in 3 hours .. or 5 ... who knows

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Well some screw up at my testing center as well now .. So system was down to book so I booked over the phone. Today unfortuately I saw they booked me into the wrong time-slot .. too late to change .. So I can show up at the testing center at 12-12.30 hoping I get a seat, if not I will have to sit around until 2:15 ... and according to the center, the slot is actually not long enough for the exam .. No idea if they kick me out or something unless I finish quickly - who knows.

Anyway, doubt I'll make it anyway .. Why ? My resource list will tell the story

Resources Used

Books: None (But I got [url=h]This[/url], This and This - But no time to read)
Mock Exams: Vmware one (and failed)
Pluralsight: None (Got a sub though)

The only resource I could use is really the setup and upgrade of vCloud Director in three countries .. using vCloud Director 1.5, 5.1 and 5.5 (*)

I tried to setup vCenter Chargeback a few times but got funny errors. I tried to read the PDFs but let's face it, no point as it won't sink in anyway.

Now why the rush ? Because I am an idiot and signed up for the wrong month. I thought the 1st April is in a month time so I kinda .. well .. run out of time. I am currently busy in upgrading these three sites now still (non vCloud parts) so I barely have the time to do anything but sleep and drink whisky ..

Well, no rest for the wicket - or how I like to say "time to wing it" ...

(*) Which is going to be interesting considering that the exam seems to be based on 1.5 with 5.1 bits thrown in.
My own knowledge base made public: :p


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