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I'm working in a Call-center as a Level2 Support Tech, I have 5+ years of exp in technical support stream(Windows ). I'm interested to move to storage admin role,wanted your suggestion

I did some research and below is the best path that I can think of,

Learn basics of Server and Storage.
Attend training for VMware and complete VCP certification.
Attend SAN Training and complete EMC Storage Certification (EMCISA)

I have attending a training session for CCNA but not certified. (Do you think CCNA certification should be completed before I start of VCP ?)

I'm confused please advise on which would be the right path and ideally how long will it take for me to get the VCP and EMCISA certified.

Thanks in advance


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    I think that you should get CCNA R&S if you had a training sessions. and IMHO the next path to your target should look like this:
    1. CCNA R&S
    2. CCNA DC part 1: 640-911 is a walk in the park if you have CCNA R&S
    3. Learn some basics about Storage and Storage networking and Servers
    4. CCNA DC part 2: 640-916
    5. EMCISAv2
    6. VMWare training and VCP-DCV

    It'll give you a good start.

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    It depends on the track you are looking to go into. Having some exposure to VMware is important. I would recommend maybe pursuing your CCNA first. Without a decent background for networking, obtaining your VCP will be a challenge. I posted a thread previously a few years ago when I took my EMCISAv2. Take a gander!
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    makes sense, Thank you!
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    You ave done the course for the CCNA, so get the exam done. Too many people get the training and never follow through, the longer you wait the harder it becomes!

    Storage wise I have done CompTIA Storage+ and NetApp NCSA and VMware wise I have done the VCP and both VCAPs.

    It is important to know networking and storage for running VMware. I dont enjoy either as much as I love working with Virtualization. The thing is it is all merging regardless. NSX and Storage Virtualization, so you have to have you hand in many many pies!
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