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I'm still an undergrad student and expected to graduate in 2015. I have a security+ cert and I was wondering if I should pay the 1500 for the self-study since I don't have any real professional experience to spend 500 for the test only. Do you guys think the CEH is worth it and would it stand out to employers that a student has a CEH cert? I live in the Washington, DC area for what its worth.

Or should I just continue to round out my knowledge with net+ or potentially CCNA?


  • bryguybryguy Member Posts: 190
    $1500 is a good chunk of change to spend out of pocket. I honestly got more out of Matt Walker's All-in-one book that I paid $20 bucks for used than I did the official iLearn course ware... Not to say it was bad... lots of pretty slides to look at, and it was nice having someone read them to me, but you could learn the material for a lot less if money is a concern.
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    I believe the reason he's looking at iLearn is because it provides him with the ability to skip the 2 year experience requirement.
  • bryguybryguy Member Posts: 190
    Helps if I read the whole post. Yeah, I'd skip in then...
  • JDMurrayJDMurray MSIT InfoSec CISSP SSCP GSEC EnCE C|EH Cloud+ CySA+ CASP+ PenTest+ Security+ Surf City, USAAdmin Posts: 12,479 Admin
    Unless you have an opportunity at a great job and the only thing keeping you from getting it is having the CEH certification, I would hold off on the CEH until you have two years of verifiable InfoSec work experience. The $1500 for iLearn is something that employers should pay rather than students. I think the Security+, CCNA:Security, and the SSCP (Associate) would be better hooks to get you your first InfoSec job.
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