ccie r&s v5 materials

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first: well....i failed. : ccie

second: well while im still hot on all the topics and with the chance of getting any type v4 seat slim to none ive already had to put myself in the mindset of a v5 lab attempt in the next few months. my current issue is that as of today i am not seeing any v5 materials out and/or timelines for release (INE).

i have heard that the 360 program has some out but i am having a difficult time understanding how to purchase any of their materials without having to spend an arm and a leg. Also i have noticed that with many of their "authorized vendors" to sell the 360 WB/racks/assessments/etc when i click the links are broken or they do not respond to emails with questions about v5.

I just need content relevant labs and rack's to rent so i can continue to lab, that is until INE releases their WB's and mock labs. any suggestions?


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