CISA Wavier Requirements

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Hello Guys

I have a small query regarding the endorsement process and waivers listed in ISACA website.

My Background

I am a graduate and currently hold a Associate consultant designation in one of the BIG 4 and have total 4 years 6 months experience in Information Security and Information systems auditing domain. My certifications include CISSP , Security+ , AIX P6 , ITIL v3. I have cleared CISA in 2011 and have to apply for endorsement.

My query

When i went through the CISA wavier requirements , i read through a phrase which infers that " A graduation degree or a Masters Degree in Information Security through ISACA listed universities or 1 year of Information Security experience would account for 1 year Wavier to award CISA designation".

So my query is , with above background , can i apply for endorsement , i even mailed certification section of ISACA , but heard NO response from them. Hence putting forward my query in this forum.

Any sort of help Appreciated.


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    moyondizvomoyondizvo Member Posts: 155
    Yo ash.mur … I have been watching this thread for a while and was hoping that someone more knowledgeable would be able to chime in and respond to your query, but to no avail.

    Unfortunately I do not have an answer and I know that it must be heaps frustrating if the certification body does not respond to such queries, however I have two suggestions:
    1) Call them up, someone will pick up and should be able to answer you.
    2) Unless you are in a great rush to get certified, seeing as though you have 4 years 6 months experience and your 5 years ain’t up yet “I have cleared CISA in 2011”, why don’t you wait the extra 6 months? You have waited for 3 +/- years, I am sure another 6 months wouldn’t hurt.
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    ash.murash.mur Member Posts: 32 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Hey monyondizvo

    Yep even i was waiting that someone would respond to my thread. I shall wait for 6 more months and then apply for certification. Thanks for your post monyondizvo.
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