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In CCX Telephony Group I can assign the User on Hold music source and it updates the associated CTI route points (on the device level) with the Music on Hold source. But it does not actually play the file. I have to assign the MOH on the Line level to make it work.

What could be interferring with the device level that is not allowing me to play the MOH on the device level? (when the line level is not assigned)

Because UCCX communicates to CM via JTAPI it is much easier to just change the MOH source on the Call Control group and then it updates the CTI Route points. I dont want to have to go into each individual DN's assigned to the route point to change it on the line level. This could be a problem if we decided to increase the amount of ports available.


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    I can get back to this towards the end of the day.
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    I can get back to this towards the end of the day.

    Thanks. I thought maybe it was the Device Pool I was using. Thinking that the MRGL assigned didnt have this MOH source file. But I assigned a device pool that has a good MRGL and I even assigned the MRGL on the device that the server with this MOH audio source. I thought this was the trick..But nothing

    Thanks Buddy.
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