SBC - CUBE or Acme or Sonus?

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Does anyone here have any recommendations for SBC on enterprise edge SIP trunking with Verizon? Probably looking at something that can support up to 4-5k concurrent sessions. Seems to be fewer and fewer differences in offerings between the two venders. Acme and Cisco seem to be the top 2. I typically here Acme packet is more expensive?


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    Depends. I've deployed both. When you start talking that many calls you are talking ASR router. A 3945E can do around 2500 calls and that number starts to decrease as you add other functionality to it. Add in Licensing for an ASR and this becomes a very expensive piece of gear. Cisco charges per session. I'm not sure if there is bulk discount at this size. I installed a few ASR's years ago. ACME devices are very good, however when they were bought about by oracle a few years ago, we had a little bit of trouble, but that was more due to internal changes than anything else. The way the website is setup now should not take away from there product line. They work very well, but cisco has them beat with how everything integrates into call manager like SRST, Video, and RSVP 15.2 features.
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