IPSec VPN connection not working

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I'm completely new to VPN configuration and I'm having some trouble with this lab I'm following along from the CBT Nuggets "CCNA For The Real World" series. I'm using GNS3 and the Branch and Corporate routers don't seem to be establishing a VPN connection. If I do a "show crypto isakmp sa" no connections show. I don't even see any output if I turn on "debug crypto isakmp" or "debug crypto ipsec".

Here's the (partial) setup:

The goal is to create a VPN connection between the BRANCH and CORP routers so that they can transmit encrypted private network data while also being able to access the internet using NAT. The network is the public internet (I have them connecting through the cloud in GNS3 via my home network so they can access the internet). All the private networks in my lab can successfully NAT and ping any real public address. And the two routers can ping each other's "public" address. But when I try to get the two private networks to communicate over the VPN, all pings fail. And like I said above, there doesn't seem to be a VPN connection at all. I'm clueless here, as this is a little above my level and even the CCNA R&S topics (which is why I'm posting here). Thanks in advance.




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