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Passed Security+ exam today!! 862 out of 900!! icon_cool.gif I had 74 questions including 5 performance based questions that all hit me at the beginning of the exam! Definitely recommend Darrill's book, as it is such a great guide and easy to understand! I also used all the questions in the book, purchased practice exams, but I found that this forum and Darrill's blog were especially helpful! The key for me was gaining a solid understanding of the material in the book, re-review the material that I was light on, and get to the point where I was answering practice questions based on knowing why an answer was correct or incorrect instead of knowing the answer due to repetition. During the test, I took my time and read the question, then read it again, and eliminated the selections I knew couldn't possibly be the answer which left me with a better idea of what the correct answer was. Also flagged the questions I was unsure about and when I returned to them, I was able to better determine the answer. Hope my post is helpful to future test takers! Good Luck All!!


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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif

    What's next on your certification journey?
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    Thank you! Feels great to get the certification under my belt.

    I think I'm going to continue onto the CISSP since many consider Security+ CISSP Lite. Security+ is a great introduction to the CISSP and since it's still fresh in my mind, might as well continue on that next.
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    may i ask if there were any subnetting questions?

    Like if your subnet is 255.255.220 which IPs will be in the range?

    And how were the performance based questions? I am working in IT security for 1 year and I know the concepts but I didnt have any chance to study any performance based questions? If you have any online examples could you share it?

    (Should i separately study for performance based questions or by knowing the concept I can do them easily? )
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    Great Job.
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    Congrats ..

    Hunter85, I did not get any subnetting questions...
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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif
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