Passed MTA Networking Fundamentals 98-366

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First post here, nice to meet you all.

Well I passed my first cert. I took the MTA networking fundamentals 98-366 and scored an 85. I have about 5 years experience and I did cram for this test. I will say that the wording on this test is pretty tough. Also I was asked a ton of DNS questions.

The test consist of Multiple choice, true and false, and drag and drop questions. The interactive questions are basically a screenshot and then you select the appropriate answer. Not what I expected at all from this test. Anyways, I am will be taking the Network plus next.

I used Plural site, Wiley's Office MS course PDF for the MTA 98-366 and a few other sites for info. Also a tip for people taking this test. Take lots and lots of practice tests.



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