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I am about to take the N10-005 exam, and I don't feel ready!! I went to a instructor led study group, and watched a lot of Professor Messer's videos, but I don't feel like it was enough. Am I freaking out for no reason, or should I be this worried?? I don't have a a strong networking backround, but I have taken/passed A+ and a introduction to networking course.

Also, does anyone have any tips or pointers to aid my studies? Thanks!!


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    I hear you completely. There is nothing to be nervous about! Have you taken any practice exams yet? If so, how did you do? From the score report on your practice exams, I would recommend reviewing those weaknesses and try again!
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    I have taken some practice exams, and score 60-70% on them. I hear some people saying its not as bad I am expecting, but maybe that is the case for them... my networking background isn't as strong as them, and it might be as hard as I am thinking.

    I am currently reviewing the objectives, and focusing on the objectives I feel I am weak at, and Hopefully I can pull it together... I take my exam in 2 Days!
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    Personally, I would reschedule and keep studying if I'm scoring 60-70% on practice exams. Just keep at it man!
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    Agreed...60-70% is not very good on practice exams but sometimes those can be harder than the actual exam. It is not always a terrible idea to sit for the exam but CompTIA exams are more expensive than say a CCENT exam. The difficulty of the test is relative but if you do not feel comfortable with the topics definitely reschedule.
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    What vendor are you using for practice exams? Transcender? MeasureUP? Don't use braindumps whatever you do!!! Reschedule before the 24 hour mark or you will have to go in there and just take the exam anyway.
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    If you have some experience as the recommendations are from CompTIA and you have read through a decent text, such as Meyers or Sybex, and you understand the objectives, you may simply be overreacting.

    On the other hand, if you need more practice and are simply rushing, you will likely be wise to reschedule the exam. CompTIA exams are a fairly hefty investment so unless you can easily swing a retake, I would recommend some self-reflection about how much experience I had, and how much I truly studied (not merely taking practice test after practice test).
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    I remember, I felt the same way about the A+ Exam. My wife told me, your fear deep inside is failing the exam so give it a shot. The following weekend, I passed the 701 exam, and the following weekend I passed the 702 exam.
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    I took it today, and passed! Now I am on to the next step... as soon I figure out what that is going to be. Maybe CCNA, or possibly MCSE. I haven't decided which direction to go first.
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    bblackelk wrote: »
    I took it today, and passed! Now I am on to the next step... as soon I figure out what that is going to be. Maybe CCNA, or possibly MCSE. I haven't decided which direction to go first.
    Congrats. Cannot go wrong either way but should depend on what you really like first. CCNA you are looking at two exams versus I believe five to fully get MCSE. Network+ is more valuable to the CCNA than the MCSE.
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    Thanks, I think I am leaning towards the CCNA first, because it's seems to be ore beneficial to me in the near future.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif

    Good luck on MCSE/CCNA whichever you decide.
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