Passed Network+!

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Figured I'd share my experience and some tips to help anyone out that's struggling... FYI: I passed Security+ on Feb 14th and jumped right into studying for Net+ before taking it this past Friday.

I found the exam extremely easy. I scored an 848/900 but feel I should have done better. My scheduled exam appointment was for 9:15am, and I wasn't even seated until 10:15am. The simulation questions kept malfunctioning and sometimes froze up and didn't even work--this happened on 2 of them, so I ended up skipping a couple.

What I used to study (reminder: this is fresh after Security+, there's a lot of overlapping content, but for Sec+ I only used Gibson's book):

- Mike Meyers AIO (w/ Total Seminars exam engine that came with it)
- ExamCram Network+ book
- Gibson's Network+ Practice Exam Questions (the flashcards were very helpful!)

I read each book, took notes, typed up all my notes when done with all of it just to refresh my memory with the content. Then I kept taking practice exams from ALL material until I consistently scored over a 95% on all of them. The test was a breeze.

Good luck all!


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