Plan for taking CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam

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Hi Guys,

I wish to taking CompTIA Security exam but which exam code should I take

SY0-301 CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam
JK0-018 CompTIA Academic / E2C Security + Certification exam voucher only

which exam should I take and whats the difference ?



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    Hi. There is no difference, except for the fact that the JK0 exam is the designation that CompTIA gives to the SY0 exam when it is paid for by a voucher (provided by an educational institution). For example, I attend WGU, and I took the JK0 "version" because the college covered the exam for me with a voucher.

    It was funny to see the reaction of the proctor at the test center when he printed out my results, though: "Dude! Did I give you the wrong exam?!" Me: "Nope! Same exam, just a different name when paid for with a voucher".

    So, if you're paying for the exam yourself, you'd take the SY0. If you're paying with a voucher, then you'd take the JK0.
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