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I currently work Part-Time in a computer repair firm. I like my boss. I only got the job because I know him and I know how to do stuff. I did not have any certifications when he hired me. I am I high school, and my IT teacher is recommending people to work over the summer for computer work. I am only being recommended because I will have Strata and A+ in a few days. I like my current job, but I don't get a lot I hours. About 50 over the past 3 months. I make decent pay for my age, but I don't have a set schedule. My boss just calls me when he needs an extra hand. If I work for the school I will have set hours and I will probably be able to work more hours. What should I do. Should I tell my current boss?


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    I would take whichever route will provide you with the opportunity to learn the most. Being in High School still you have a unique opportunity to learn all you can before graduating and either going to college or looking for a full-time job or both. If the school option allows you to get your hands on more technologies and learn more than go that route, same applies to the current job.
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    I say take the job. Having a set schedule in a more professional setting will mean a lot to future employers.
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    I'm sure your current boss would understand why you would be taking something a little more stable. It's a decision pretty much anyone would make.
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    I would take the steady job, just let your current boss know and why. Probably a good chance he can still give you work that will fit your new schedule.
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