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Hi, what would be the best way to migrat a phone system (less than 50 users) to VoIP, the currant setup is 4 phone lines and 1 fax are coming in from the ISP and connected to small PBX 32 ext. maximum.

Thank you


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    Would go with an isr g2 and cue.

    4 Lines per phone? than it could be a problem
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    Depends on what your needs are. 50 users can require a very simple system, or a Very complex one depending on what they do.

    1. Are all 50 at 1 location
    2. Are any ACD users
    3. What will they use the phones for?

    Some of these things are the things I ask when putting together a system. I have walked into 500 user phone system that were simple, and I have walked into 50 users systems that were A55 rockects, because of the needs of the users.
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    also think about keeping the FAX as is = analog.
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    Tthank you for the reply.

    Here are some clarifications.

    1- Four phone lins coming from ISP to PBX.
    2- All 50 users are in one location.
    3- It is not a call center.
    4- They use the phones for the day to day business needs,and none is ACD.
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