Which version of CCP for exam?

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Hey Everyone,

Just started the 640-554 book and hit chapter 5, which dives into CCP. I have an 1841 and an ASA5505. Can you make a recommendation on which IOS, CCP, ASA and ASDM versions I might encounter on the exam?

The book doesn't seem to make mention of any of these details, or I haven't found it yet.

Also, is the CCP Express sufficient or will I need the full CCP?

Much appreciated.


  • late_collisionlate_collision Senior Member Member Posts: 146
    Well, after a couple days or searching around, I've determined the following:

    CCP: 2.7
    IOS: 12.4T
    ASA 8.4
    ASDM: 6.4

    I appears CCP Express is not enough and I didn't realize CCP was available for free from the Cisco website. CCP version 2.7 seems to be the most recent client side version. I also had to uninstall java 1.7, and install an older version of the jre, 1.6.

    I'm still getting my feet wet, but it seems like getting started is a challenge in itself.
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