PMP exam tips usually not covered in prep books

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Some tips that will usually not be covered in prep books, for those of you gong in for PMP exam:

1. Be comfortable during the exam. Wear a sweater/light jacket, which you can be removed if needed.

2. Bring a light snack (cookies/Multi grain bars). Keep them in the locker in case you feel hungry. Note that you are not allowed to carry eatables into the exam hall. And when you come out to snack (only if needed), you lose time on the clock. So make sure you have somethgin that you can eat quickly and not have to go looking for a handwash thereafter!

3. Try deep breathing to relax, if you are feeling nervous in the exam.

4. Smile during the exam to help calm down and reduce stress.

5. You will get paper (4 pages) and pencil during the exam. You will have 15 minute time period before the exam starts, during which the instructions is running. Use this time to jot down formulas, Process Groups - Knowledge Areas mappings, and areas you are relatively weak at.

6. If you want a new paper you will have to surrender the previous one.

7. You will answer one question at a time and can review the questions anytime. You can move back and forth with the exam questions.

8. Do not leave early unless you have reviewed all the answers atleast twice. Use all the exam time.

9. Focus on the exam. You may be surprised at the number of questions you mark for review. This is normal, and do not get flustered by it.

10. Answer the questions from PMI’s perspective of large projects and not from your experience which might be of small project teams.

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