Comptia and Todd Thibodeaux gives me another chance.

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I posted last week that I missed my test for Security + due to the schedule dates being wrong. What I thought was the date wasn't. I was out $293. After talking to Comptia and PearsonVue, I got no where. I found Todd's email address and sent him an email explaining the situation and how I understood the policy but was wondering if he would help me, since $293 is hard to come by.

He emailed me yesterday and is providing me a free voucher for the Security + exam. I just wanted to tell everyone that Todd Thibodeaux is the type of CEO that cares for those of us in the trenches.


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    Glad for you but I get the feeling he probably wouldn't be too chuffed to hear that you've been telling everyone on the internet that you were made an exception of...
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    I told him I was going to tell everyone about his generosity. He didn't mention that I shouldn't. It is a good thing he showed mercy to me in my situation. I am not trying to take advantage of them, I was just asking for some compassion.
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    That's awesome! Can you imagine Sadya Nadella doing that for the Microsoft exams?
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    It is good to read this, life happens and some compassion is needed every now and then.
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    Never let your fear decide your fate....
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    That's awesome! Can you imagine Sadya Nadella doing that for the Microsoft exams?
    This is kind of apples to oranges. A more accurate comparison would be Tim Sneath. Tracked him down from HERE.
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