Mirantis Certified Administrator for OpenStack

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I took this today and passed. I think the test could have been a bit better, some of the questions were kind of dumb imo. You do have to be familiar with the inner workings of Nova/Swift/Neutron/Cinder/Glance/Horizon etc, so I wouldn't exactly call it easy. It's not really 'hard' though, you pretty much either know the questions or you don't.

Studying just involved messing around with Devstack for a bit, I also set up OpenStack from scratch. Thats a good way to familiarize yourself with all the parts. You can do it in a single VirtualBox VM.

DevStack - Deploying OpenStack for Developers

Heres what the cert looks like:



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    Greetings pram,

    My name is Lana, I manage marketing efforts for Mirantis OpenStack training. Congratulations on getting your MCA-100 certification!

    We are constantly working to improve our certification. I would really appreciate if you could provide more feedback on your experience with the Mirantis certification exam. Do you prefer to be contacted by email or phone?

    Thank you, we really value your opinion.
    Lana Zhudina
    Mirantis OpenStack Training
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    Hello,Planning to write mirtantis openstack certification this month end. If any one could tell me more information on regarding this mirantis openstack certification. Is negative marking is there in the test ? What I have to study for preparation of mirtantis openstack certifcations ?What exactly is being tested. If some body could share more details on this certification, that would be helpful. Thank you
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    I'm wrapping up a CE class on Openstack (Havana release) at my local CC right now....It's been interesting to say the least....
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    How to get that CE class . I want to prepare for mirantis openstack certification.
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    I have written the exam....

    Here is my certification

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    Congratulation for the certification. Do you have some sample questions which i can see what type of questions are in exam so i do my preparation accordingly like if there are some scenario based questions or simple multiple choices. So do share with me any helping material.
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