Passed does CCNA fit?

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I passed my Sec+ exam yesterday. Maybe you could give me some advice if I'm taking the right path? N+, S+, CCNA, CCNA Security? Ant other advice from you guys? Thanks a lot! Last question If ever I take the CCNA Security, do I have to take a higher certification?


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    I've pondered that myself about take the CCNA Security and then CCNP R&S. I would presume both variation of the two would be higher than the other but it does strike a interesting topic.

    See I did N+ before S+ because I wanted a foundation of knowledge. Plus my employer gave me a 8% raise from that cert so it was worth it.
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    Congrats on the pass icon_thumright.gif
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    Your question will get more traffic in the CcnA forum, or if you had a better title. I will move it for you.
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