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852/900 Not bad, but I always try for better. 82 questions, the first 10 were simulations. I knew the simulations would be up front but I wasn't expecting so many, so be warned about that. I majored in Network security so I've had plenty of book work, but not enough hands on. I was worried about the simulations since I haven't played with any practice tests showing them, but they weren't bad. I spent a lot of time looking at settings and configurations I didn't need to mess with, but I breezed through the multiple choice to make up for it. There were also a lot more questions about fiber than I expected, those I just guessed on since all of my experience has been SOHO with 15 or fewer personnel, and basic resources. So my advice for those planning on taking it based from experience is, "Make sure you know fiber". Well back to studying, Sec+ in an hour.


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    Congrats on pass and good luck on the Security+ icon_thumright.gif
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    I'm writting on the 22nd of April, would the simulation practice work for me because I'm practising simulations and do tutorials for better understanding of Networking. Congrats on pass
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    Yeah, the simulations you're doing now should be still be good on April 22nd. The new exam doesn't start until May, and the current exam can be taken until December.
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    Nice job.
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