GSEC 401 Practice test Vs Real Exam

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Hello Friends:

I have registered to give my SANS this coming week. Need you suggestions. How different is the real exam as compared to the Practice tests. I just gave my first practice test scored 78% in 3.5 hours, for which i believe if i spend some more time on the questions i could have hit the 85% mark in the practice test.

What i am more concerned is the questions that come in the main exams, are they based on
1. Practice tests?
2. On-Demand Quiz?
3. Real scenario based?

Looking for input from all :)


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    The practise test, in terms of difficulty, "feels" slightly harder, that because you can study up on your weak areas and score better than the real exam. But the real exam is more stressful as the stakes is higher. However, I would want to emphasize none of the practise test question will come out on the real exam. I had heard of cases where people copy the practise test and bring them into the exam hall thinking they will pass, they didn't. Base on experience, if you treat the practise exam like a real exam and pass on your first try, your likely to be able to pass the real exam as well. Focus on the score report and read up on those badly done areas, you will improve.
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    On both the GSEC and GCIH, I found the practice tests harder than the real tests, but I found I manage my time better on the real test, so that probably makes the difference.

    Lionel gave some great advice. Use the report from your test to study those areas you scored lowest in and take the next practice test. You should notice an improvement.
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    Welcome aboard. I can't agree with the statement that practice questions will not be in the test, as I've seen otherwise. Still, don't rely on them too much as they will give you a false sense of confidence. With 78% you definitely need to review the material.

    Do you have a good index? This is a critical piece that can help you raise your score dramatically.
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    Thank you everyone for your responses :)

    I gave my GSEC exam on 15th April.. Scored 87% :)

    Would like to emphasise that the questions were really hard as compared to the practice exams.. were based on real scenarios.

    i have got an offer for SANS mentorship. can you help me what is it exactly
  • LionelTeoLionelTeo Member Posts: 526 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Being mentor allows you to held class to teach the respective SANS class in your country. Instead of a GIAC lecturer, you will teach over a peroid of 10 weeks and a few hours each session, after your have a good amount of teaching experience, you can apply to train to be a GIAC lecturer and teach for the actual SANS class.

    When you become a mentor, up to two candidates in your company will recieve a discount when they apply for your class.
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