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Hello Everyone,

Can someone tell me about FPC installed in J4350. Can I remove or reinstall other FPC in J4350 router?

Thanks in Advance..


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    I was going to say no…. however….

    The J4350 uses PIMs, not FPCs. But in looking at the show chassis hardware and show chassis fpc and show chassis fpc pic-status on a J6350… the PIM seems to be considered as the FPC in the CLI. The serial number for the PIM shows as the FPC serial number. I only see FPCs listed in slots where I have a PIM physically installed. So while it is actually a PIM, I guess the J-series box considers it as a FPC as well.

    I don't believe FPC0 is removable however. Unfortunately, I can't get into my lab today to verify for sure.
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