Which practice tests for VCP?

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I am a VCP4 and VCP5. However, with the recent changes in their certification rules I need to retake the VCP5. Yep I need to retake the exam I have already passed or lose my cert.....

So I don't need anything but some practice before I resit the exam. Which is the better practice exams: Ucertify, Transcender or Measureup?



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    You shouldn't need to re-sit the exam just quite yet, have a look at Recertification Policy for further clarification but to give you an idea you only need to recertify by March 10th 2015 if you passed your VCP before March 10th 2013, so if you passed an exam say in September 2013 you have until September 2015 to take the refresh (or newer) exam.
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    Thank you for your response, as you can probably tell I am not very happy about this change.

    You are correct as for the dates. In my case I need to re-certify by March 10th, 2015. My thought process is as follows:

    There will be no VCP5.5 or VCP6 by March 2015.
    They may retire the VCP 5.1 exam soon.
    The 5.1 would be the simplest exam for me to pass (still can't get a grip on that 5.5 web interface!).
    This would buy me some extra time to my VCP6 (or whatever comes next).

    There are some additional external factors as well: The Palo Alto cert test should be ready in about six months, I was thinking of work may way towards CWNP and/security.

    Thanks for your time,
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    Considering the VCP5.5 exam is new I doubt very much that it's going anywhere in the next year, I would expect that the VCP 6 exam will go live shortly after the product launch (VMware have admitted that they are looking at a 2 year product cycle for major releases, considering that 5.5 was just a point release it should mean that 6 is released at VMworld later this year.

    Considering that the 5.5 exam still gives you VCP5-DCV it means that the VCP5 won't be going anywhere just yet.

    Also please consider that sitting the VCAP-DCA will also renew your VCP certification so you could always go for that instead.
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    the VCP550 exam was only released as there were significant changes that came out in 5.5 that you don't usually see in point releases. vSAN, vFRC. etc. and they are trying to push the Web Client. I knida expected the features they released to be in ESXi 6, but, this allows them to make it a 5 License and use the new features as a reason for companies to upgrade without buying a new license, and to use the web client by forcing companies to HAVE to use it if they want to experience the new tools.

    As on an exam basis, They change the VCP550 to be much longer (amount of questions and time) doing this and allowing people to still receive the same certification title as the smaller exam is what I see as a "trial" and to see if that level exam needs to be like that. I dare say though, that from here on out, the exam length won't go backwards.
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